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Fort Pierce, Fla.

When Hurricane Wilma swept through Florida in 2005, Gary Faircloth lost everything. His home destroyed, the firefighter, his wife and three children had nowhere to live-until Scott Van Duzer learned of their plight: "I asked myself," he recalls, "'What can I do to help?'"

Invite 300 firefighters to an all-you-can-eat fund-raiser at Van Duzer's Big Apple Pizza parlor, that's what. The evening raised $2,000, enough for Faircloth, 42, to put down a deposit on a rental apartment. In 2008 Van Duzer, who started at the pizzeria in high school and bought it seven years later, launched the Van Duzer Foundation ( and has since become the George Bailey of St. Lucie County. Through his pizza-pie philanthropy-in which he donates a designated night's proceeds-he's raised $200,000 for 23 families in crisis. "We're blessed," says Fort Pierce mayor Bob Benton. Van Duzer, a married dad of three, raised more than $6,000 each for cancer patients Chris Dixon, 25, whose illness forced him to stop working, and Lynda Ray, 32, a mom whose insurance didn't cover big medical bills. "To have somebody who doesn't know you do something that nice," Ray says, "is amazing." As for Faircloth, he's Van Duzer's No. 1 supporter, bringing his family to Van Duzer's fund-raisers. "We eat a lot of pizza," he says. "What Scott's doing is a great thing."