Country Strong

Gwyneth Paltrow, Tim McGraw | PG-13 | R |

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We've seen this movie before, but that's not to say that we shouldn't see it again. Country Strong rehashes the troubled-singer plot with Paltrow as Kelly Canter, an alcoholic crooner caught between her manager-husband (McGraw), her rehab lover (Garrett Hedlund) and a "country Barbie" (Leighton Meester) dying to take her place. It's Walk the Line with a love rectangle, a twangy All 'bout Eve. But as familiar as the movie feels, the point is that it feels quite deeply. Writer-director Shana Feste finely calibrates the tension between her foursome, making Kelly's boozy tour less a star vehicle for Paltrow (who's never fully in control of her out-of-control character) than a fine ensemble piece. That's great for the rest of the cast, especially McGraw, who nicely settles into the husband's menace (or is that regret?). It's even good for Paltrow, who proves she can blend beautifully into a chorus.


What's better than watching the fab Emma Stone (above) in this quirky teen morality play? Watching it in your jammies.


From The Usual Suspects to his delicious turn as The Town's casually cruel "florist" (above), the brilliant (often menacing) character actor, who died on Jan. 2 at age 64, made an indelible mark on film.


The critters (like Johnny Depp's lizard sheriff) are so exquisitely odd, I'm itching for its March 4 opening.


Sofia Coppola's new film Somewhere is set in the historic L.A. hotel, which remains a playground for Hollywood's elite.

1. Rockers Led Zeppelin once famously rode their motorcycles through the lobby in 1968. 2. Somewhere's Stephen Dorff plays a star living at the hotel with his daughter (Elle Fanning). 3. Hotel regular Lindsay Lohan at a 2006 Halloween party.

The film newcomer, 14, is earning awards buzz in the hit western. Now if only boys could get a bit taller...


For the scene in which her character, precocious teen Mattie Ross, gets a spanking from a Texas Ranger played by Matt Damon, "I had pads on under my clothes," says Steinfeld. "After every take, Matt would come running back to me. He was like, 'Hailee, are you okay?' It was cute."


The daughter of a personal-trainer dad and interior-designer mom in L.A., she started studying acting at age 8. Until now, her biggest roles were in student films. "I would try to convince my friends to get all dressed up and go to the premieres."


Her 5'7" height "helped me with this role," she says. But she has mixed feelings about it: "I feel like I stick out. Also, I am taller than all of the guys, which stinks. But they are finally starting to catch up!"