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Even baby hippos think they can dance! Or at least it looks like dancing when 6-month-old Adhama leaps, flips and twirls underwater. In fact the 500-lb. baby river hippo "is just trying to get his mom to play with him," says San Diego Zoo hippo keeper Nate Schierman. But besides successfully attracting his mama's attention, Adhama's moves-filmed and posted on YouTube-have made him an Internet sensation and a top draw for visitors. "I get a lot of guests asking if the baby will be dancing today," notes Schierman. Recently Adhama and his mom, Funani, 27, wowed hippo-watchers with their regular routine: She nudges him and he rolls like a ball. "He's amazing," coos visitor Molly Spencer, 7, of Yuma, Ariz., pressing her face to the glass. Megan Kruithof, 9, of Minot, N.D., has 14 stuffed hippo toys at home but had never seen a real one. "He is so adorable! I wish I could take him home!" Adds her dad, Nathan, quickly: "I don't."