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Military Duty: Part II

The trained helicopter rescue pilot is thought likely to re-up with the Royal Air Force this fall. "He enjoys his flying career," a Palace insider says. "And there's no pressure from the family on him to do anything else." A second tour of duty also offers Will and Kate a way to keep their low-key life in Anglesey, Wales.


They're test-driving parenting skills with adorable new puppy Lupo, and a real baby, says Majesty magazine editor Ingrid Seward, "must be at the top of Kate's wish list. She's 30, and she wants to have quite a few."


Exotic Travel

Their fall trip to the tiny island of Tuvalu is a royal duty (part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee tour), but the romance of the South Pacific won't be lost on a couple so obviously in love. "They fit together; they have the classic sun-moon tie-up," says Penny Thornton, Princess Diana's astrologer, of Cancer Will and Capricorn Kate. "This will be a strong marriage."


Expect Olympic Ambassador Kate, who recently showed off her hockey skills while visiting with Britain's women's squad, to get competitive when the Games come to London in July. A Palace insider says, "She takes her sports seriously and hasn't dropped any since becoming a member of the royal family."

Style Surprises?

The fashion icon will keep mixing high-end and high street looks-but her stylist pal Nikki Pennie says she'll also take risks by wearing new designers. And fashionistas eagerly anticipate her brand of maternity chic.

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