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This tune has some serious roots-Pickler's childhood. Her mother left the family when Kellie was just 2, and her father spent time in and out of prison when she was young. "Everyone has their story of where they came from," she says. "And I had to grow up really fast. So the song, to me, is about being mentally and emotionally tough." The single-off Pickler's latest album, 100 Proof-"has a backwoods country feel," she says. "It's got banjo. Fiddles. Steel guitar. I love it."


DOWNLOAD: "Goodbyes Made You Mine"

Hodges's single is about letting go of old hurts to savor new love. "It's like saying to that special someone, 'Whatever happened in the past, don't bring that into this relationship. Realize that this is going to work.'"


DOWNLOAD: "Austin"

This cover of a Jon Randall tune is "a love song to Austin," says Green. "It's paying a little homage to a place, like Sinatra's 'New York, New York.' And it's got some Austin funky on it-the music just sounds happy."



The "laid-back" title track to Brody's new album is an ode to-you guessed it-dirt. "Dirt's a huge part of living, especially if you're from the country," says the Canada native. "We work in it. We play in it. What's more country than dirt?"


DOWNLOAD: "Faith When I Fall"

The "Somethin' 'Bout a Truck" singer wrote this song the day he scored his record deal. "It was just a moment of gratitude for allowing me to have faith in myself after all the years of getting kicked in the teeth," he says. "It's about having the faith and strength to keep going."


DOWNLOAD: "Love the Way You Miss Me"

The American Idol finalist took two years to release his debut CD ("It's my first impression; I didn't want to blow it," he says), and this song reflects the time he spent away from loved ones while on tour. "It's all about having a person do something to give you a little piece of home."


DOWNLOAD: "Too Good to Be True"

The trio of Cherrill Green, Hannah Blaylock and Dean Berner from Arkansas offers up a song "about a guy who you think he's Mr. Perfect, then realize he's just too good to be true," says Green. "It's a girl-power song."


DOWNLOAD: "Did It for the Girl"

The title says it all: "As soon as one girl comes along who we think is worthy, we change everything about us," says Bates of his debut single. "Guys say that we'd never do that, but we do it every time. It was such a universal idea."


DOWNLOAD: "Why Ya Wanna"

The One Tree Hill actress leaps from TV to the Nashville scene with her debut album. This song-her lead single-"is about a relationship that didn't work out, but you still have feelings for the person," she says. "It's so relatable. The first time I heard it, I started crying."