AGE: 41



Nerd Alert: Long before he played Scandal's swoon-worthy spy Jake Ballard, "I went through a big geek phase in high school," Foley says. "I had acne. I had big glasses and braces. It was rough."

Great Outdoors: "I like to get my hands dirty in the yard. My wife [Marika Dominczyk, 33] seems to like that," says the L.A.-based star. "We also have three chickens and a turkey. My kids [Malina, 4, and Keller, 19 months] love to collect the eggs!"

Health Nut: Foley lost 20 lbs. by cutting out dairy, red meat and caffeine. "I haven't had pizza for three years," he says. And for his steamy shirtless scenes, "I'm a fairly hirsute man, so I'll trim - but not so it's all the same length. That looks weird."