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Oct 25, 1993 Vol. 40 No. 17

Grunge vs. Glam

October 25, 1993

Cover Story

Grunge vs. Glam

From Doc Martens to Calvin Klein Classics, 1993's Best & Worst Dressed Was the Year of Dressing Dangerously

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Sharon Stone

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Natalie Cole

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Connie Chung

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Janine Turner

Pg. 82

Wesley Snipes

Pg. 83

Mayim Bialik

Pg. 84

Heidi Fleiss

Pg. 94

Diane Keaton

Pg. 96

Burt Reynolds

Pg. 99

Julia Roberts

Pg. 102

Garth Brooks

Pg. 106

Marisa Tomei

Pg. 107

Anthony Kiedis

Pg. 109

Fall Fashion

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