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May 09, 1994 Vol. 41 No. 17

The Adorable Meg

May 09, 1994

Cover Story

The Adorable Meg

With Her Pixie Haircut, Dazzling Blue Eyes and Perky Nose, It's Easy to See Why the Loveable Actress Tops Our 50 Most Beautiful List

Pg. 56

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Table of Contents


Lucky Vanous

Pg. 58

Hugh Grant

Pg. 62

Faye Dunaway

Pg. 66

Toni Braxton

Pg. 68

Ming-Na Wen

Pg. 71

Al Gore Jr.

Pg. 73

Matt Lauer

Pg. 78


Pg. 80

David Justice

Pg. 85

Joey Lawrence

Pg. 88

Ethan Browne

Pg. 93

David Bouley

Pg. 100

Barbara Babcock

Pg. 105

John Harkes

Pg. 106

Jill Barad

Pg. 109

Ralph Fiennes

Pg. 110

Winona Ryder

Pg. 114

Paul Newman

Pg. 117

Tyra Banks

Pg. 118

Madeleine Stowe

Pg. 120

Dean Cain

Pg. 123

Darcey Bussell

Pg. 124

Tom Cruise

Pg. 125

Kelly Willis

Pg. 127

Julie Moran

Pg. 129

Gabrielle Anwar

Pg. 131

Alfre Woodard

Pg. 133

Louise Lombard

Pg. 134

Nnenna Lynch

Pg. 141

Julia Roberts

Pg. 145

Dan Jansen

Pg. 146

David Caruso

Pg. 149

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