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Sep 16, 1996 Vol. 46 No. 12

To Wear or Not to Wear–That is the Question

September 16, 1996

Cover Story

To Wear or Not to Wear–That is the Question

The Answer Is: Stars Prove that All that Glitters May or May Not be Gold in the World of Fashion

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Leeza Gibbons

Pg. 70

Noah Wyle

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Pg. 76

Jim Carrey

Pg. 81

Teri Hatcher

Pg. 90

Helen Hunt

Pg. 97

Joan Osborne

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Pg. 100

Steven Seagal

Pg. 102

Cybill Shepherd

Pg. 105

Tim Robbins

Pg. 109

Lisa Kudrow

Pg. 111

Dennis Rodman

Pg. 114

Crowned Head

Pg. 152

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