Anybody's Guess

Anybody's Guess
"If Demi is pregnant," says Kutcher (with Moore at the Guess Who premiere March 13), "she's certainly not showing yet, so that would be news to me."
Chris Delmas/VISUAL Press

03/17/2005 AT 12:00 PM EST

Most people require pregnancy tests or a doctor's visit to find out whether they're going to have a baby. All Ashton Kutcher apparently had to do was pick up a newspaper. On March 13 Britain's tabloid News of the World claimed that Kutcher, 27, and girlfriend Demi Moore, 42, were eight weeks pregnant, a report that quickly spread.

"Why am I the last person to find out everything?" Kutcher joked to reporters that afternoon while promoting his upcoming movie Guess Who. "I'm going to be a daddy? God, no one tells me anything."

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