Kathy Hilton's Do's & Don'ts

Kathy Hilton's Do's & Don'ts
Paris's advice to her mom? "She said, 'Never look in the camera, but always be camera-ready,' " Hilton says.

06/17/2005 AT 03:00 PM EDT

With NBC's I Want to Be a Hilton (premiering June 21), Kathy Hilton becomes the second member of her family to have her own reality show (daughter Paris, of course, stars in FOX's The Simple Life). The premise: Fourteen wannabe socialites compete in tests of etiquette and style; each week, the Hilton matriarch eliminates the one who didn't "make the list." The winner gets a $200,000 trust fund, a posh New York City apartment and, Hilton says, "a wealth of knowledge."

PEOPLE asked the 46-year-old society maven (who's been married to hotel heir Rick Hilton, 49, since she was 19 and is mom to Paris, 24; Nicky, 21; Barron, 15; and Conrad, 11) to give her do's and don'ts of living like a Hilton. And she politely obliged:

DON'T invite just anyone to your home: "I do have big parties a couple of times a year. But you want to make sure that you have nice people around who have good values. You don't want to have people around where the boyfriend's flirting with someone else."

DO realize that presentation is everything: "I set a really pretty table – I take a lot of pride in that. So I get mad if the girls come in with Coke cans. I'm like, 'Paris, I have a pretty tablecloth and placemats and flowers and you've got the Diet Coke on the table. Pour it into the glass in the kitchen and then bring it in.' She's like, 'Oh, whatever, okay.' "

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