Omarosa's Surreal Life Diary

08/15/2005 AT 06:00 AM EDT

Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth gives the latest scoop on another week of living The Surreal Life on VH1:

Each morning one Surreal Life-r is selected by a producer to retrieve the Surreal Life Times, our daily newsletter. The newsletter contains the details of a day's events and recaps something funny that may have happened the day before.

When Carey retrieved the SLT, it said that we would be going to Vegas for a couple of days. We were SOOOO excited to get out of the Surreal Life house!!  We were given about an hour to pack in preparation for our road trip.

During our five hour trip we ALL discussed our individual careers. Caprice talked about moving to the U.K. and breaking into the modeling business, Janice talked about her supermodel days, Bronson talked about how he landed the role of Balki on Perfect Strangers, and Pepa talked about the heyday of Salt-n-Pepa.  

Of course, the producers only show clips of me talking about my post-Apprentice drama as if I talked the entire five hours of the trip. Although I can be quite talkative, the producer zeroed in on a moment that makes me seem like a braggadocio. It was kinda funny!

When we got to Vegas, the bus zipped right past the Vegas strip and we ended up at a remote baseball field. We were so excited to learn that Jose would lead our team in a game of softball. Jose was instructed to assess our softball skills and assign us each a position. We sucked as a softball team! Jose did the best he could with what talent we had.

We played the Dead Ringers, a group of Las Vegas impersonators that included Elvis, Tina Turner, Dolly Parton, Janet and Michael Jackson and a look-alike Jose Canseco. The fake Jose Canseco turned out to be Jose's identical twin Ossie. We were all shocked and pleased to have twice the Canseco eye candy!!

We were also shocked to win the game, and to celebrate we headed to the Palms Hotel and Casino, where we got ready in the Real World suite for our night on the town. It was so fabulous we felt like we had died and gone to reality TV heaven! Although you don't see any of this in the episode, we were all treated to massages by our choice of a male or female masseuse. In the casino we won five grand, which we split equally and played at the blackjack table. We blew through our winnings in no time and headed to the Ghostbar to party.

In the bar's VIP area, we were given all of the booze that our hearts desired. Unfortunately for Janice she is not able to handle her liquor. After a few drinks she got very, very, very friendly with each of the men on the show. First, she unleashed on Carey by humping his leg, then she crawled over to Jose on all fours. Later she climbed on Bronson's lap and offered to give him a lap dance – and he rejected her. Everyone was repulsed by her behavior. She was so drunk that she was oblivious to the spectacle she was making of herself.

In spite of Janice's embarrassing drunken display, we all had an exciting night out on the town. We were informed that we had to get up early the next morning so we all turned in at around 3 a.m. All of us except for Janice, who stayed out drinking and partying all night long. At 50 years old she outlasted each of us!

Next week: Our Vegas adventure continues...

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