How It All Fell Apart

How It All Fell Apart
"You don't want to feel that when a marriage ends, your life is over," Aniston tells Vanity Fair. "You can survive anything."
Gilbert Flores/Celebrity Photo

08/04/2005 AT 06:00 AM EDT

Breaking up is hard to do. But breaking up publicly, then seeing your ex stroll on a beach three months later with his new girl in photos beamed around the world? That's a whole new level of postsplit trauma. "I can't say it was one of the highlights of my year," understates Jennifer Aniston, breaking her silence about the end of her 4 1/2-year marriage to Brad Pitt in a surprisingly candid interview in the new issue of Vanity Fair.

Of her initial reaction to the now famous photos of Pitt and Angelina Jolie's beachside stroll in Kenya last April, she says, "Who would deal with that and say, 'Isn't that sweet! That looks like fun!' But s--- happens. You joke and say, 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.' "

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