Next Moves

Next Moves
Bye-bye blond: Pitt (seen here in June) has ditched the platinum look (which Aniston likened to Billy Idol's) for a dark shade in preparation for his role as outlaw Jesse James in a drama set to start shooting Aug. 15 in Canada.

08/11/2005 AT 06:00 AM EDT

Hard to believe, but Maddox Jolie's 4th-birthday party on Aug. 6 was far less elaborate than those of plenty of kids who don't spend their days jet-setting around the world with their superstar mom and her superstar boyfriend. No pony rides or bouncy houses, just a kiddie pool, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – along with Maddox and his newly adopted sister Zahara – and a group of friends celebrating at Pitt's Santa Barbara beach house.

Over at the actor's Malibu home base, a room is now reserved for Maddox. Pitt reads to him and "spends time playing" with both children, says a source. "He is very kind to them."

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