August 22, 2005

August 22, 2005

08/11/2005 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Dana Reeve
After bravely standing by husband Christopher during his struggle with paralysis, she starts her own – against lung cancer

Julia Roberts
The actress takes a break from motherhood to star in good pal Dave Matthews's new video

Peter Jennings Following a four-month battle, lung cancer silences the stalwart World News Tonight anchor, who passes away at 67

Eddie Murphy
The comedian's wife, Nicole, files for divorce after 12 years of ups and downs

Out of the Past
In newly released transcripts, Marilyn Monroe dishes about RFK and others

No longer joined at the head, the Aguirre twins are making rapid progress

Brian Herzlinger films his quest to date Drew Barrymore

Party Guy
Paris, Leo and Lindsay count on L.A.'s Brent Bolthouse to bring the fun

Dancing queen Kelly Monaco plans her next steps

Thirteen women forge sterling friendships – with a shared diamond necklace

Brangelina & Jen
Brad and Angelina step up their romance while a re-energized Jen walks tall

Kate Hudson
The Skeleton Key star unlocks her style file

Pancho Doll finds the country's coolest swimming holes

While on life support, Susan Torres gives birth

Chef Paula Deen cooks up a cure for her agoraphobia

For her first novel, actress Denise Nicholas draws inspiration from her past

John and Jeanette Murphy are parents to 22 children – 18 adopted – many with Down syndrome

When her husband fell ill, Helen Ficalora turned a hobby into a business. Today she's a jeweler to the stars

For kids seeking a high, the suffocation game can prove deadly

Now that scientists have cloned a dog, can you?

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