They Said What? for Tuesday, October 4

They Said What? for Tuesday, October 4
Beyonce and Jay-Z
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10/04/2005 AT 06:00 AM EDT

• "No."
Beyonce, shutting down rumors that she and beau Jay-Z were secretly married, in the November issue of Vanity Fair

• "I have seen the breakups between people who love each other and rush into getting married too quickly. I do not want to make that mistake."
Paris Hilton, in a statement announcing she was breaking her engagement to Paris Latsis

• "I think I should run on the 'Yes, I did it' ticket. It starts with, 'And I drank the bong water.' "
George Clooney, when asked if he would ever seek public office

• "The last article that I read (said), 'And she has crooked teeth.' I thought, 'Let's throw that one away. I don't want to read these anymore, they're just too stupid.' "
– Emmy winner Patricia Arquette ( Medium), on why she no longer reads reviews

• "I can't do nude scenes now because of the scar."
– Rotund Sopranos actor Vincent Pastore, on undergoing emergency triple-bypass heart surgery several months ago

• "Five years later I still can't stop talking to him, you know? We sit at a dinner and we can't get enough of each other's conversation. And we like making out."
Charlize Theron, on her boyfriend, Night Stalker star Stuart Townsend

They Said What? for Tuesday, October 4| Chris Noth

Chris Noth

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• "You know, every dead body is just a glorious celebration."
Chris Noth, to Katie Couric, on his return as Detective Mike Logan to Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Noth left the original series in 1995.

• "She sees something at 5,000 feet below the ocean’s surface and she wants to touch it. I’m like, ‘Get me the f– out of here. ' "
Lake Bell, on the difference between her and the fearless oceanographer she plays on the new series Surface

• "I’m a deeply lazy person"
Extras creator Ricky Gervais, on why his new HBO series is only six episodes long, to GQ

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