Brad's Family: We Like Angelina

Brad's Family: We Like Angelina

10/06/2005 AT 02:00 PM EDT

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's relationship continues to progress: Now, his family is giving her a thumbs-up.

Pitt's brother Doug, who owns a computer store in Springfield, Mo., made it clear during a recent business speech to the junior Rotary organization Rotaract, "We've met Angelina, and my family really, really likes her. She's great."

Doug, however, means no disrespect to Pitt's ex. "Of course," he added, "we liked Jen too."

Since Pitt's marriage to Jennifer Aniston officially ended on Oct. 2, it appears more and more plausible that Pitt and Jolie could eventually become Mr. and Mrs. Pitt, PEOPLE reports in its latest issue. The couple, along with Jolie's son Maddox, 4, and daughter Zahara, 9 months, were spotted on Sept. 21 at the Galaxyland Amusement Park at the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alta.

"Maddox was looking around at all the rides and he said, 'Daddy, can we go on that?'" onlooker Sarah Gardener tells PEOPLE. Pitt happily obliged, escorting the boy on the whirly Rockin' Rocket ride.

A giddy Maddox "was laughing," says Kelly Glandon, who was riding with her own 2-year-old daughter Taylor. "He looked like he was having the time of his life."

Now that Pitt, 41, is making increasingly cozy – and familial – appearances with Jolie, 30, and her kids, some wonder how long Pitt will even remain single, with rumors already swirling that the pair will wed next month in Lake Como, Italy. However, Pitt's spokesperson insists they're not getting married. As for the other rumors, the rep also insists Jolie isn't pregnant.

Still, Pitt has undeniably embraced his new role as a father figure to Maddox and Zahara. He has stopped smoking (though he has made frequent attempts to quit) and cut down on red meat, according to sources on the Edmonton set of his new movie, The Assassination of Jesse James.

The nicotine withdrawal has left him on edge, but Jolie "wraps him up in love and comfort," says a source, "and he just calms down."

Meanwhile, both of them are continuing humanitarian efforts. Pitt is highlighting world health concerns by narrating the documentary Rx for Survival, which airs Nov. 1-3 on PBS. And Jolie is contributing on online audiovisual diary about her five-day visit to the Congo in 2003. She shares her experiences on, an Internet site created by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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