Tom & Katie: Baby on the Way

Tom & Katie: Baby on the Way
The pregnancy "is a great thing for them," a source says of the couple (in June).

10/13/2005 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Sitting on the sidelines of a youth soccer game at a Los Angeles park on Oct. 8, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes held hands. They kissed. She stroked his back; he stroked her hair. And yes, they kept an eye on the game, even as much of the rest of the crowd seemed more interested in sizing up the star couple – and, most especially, Holmes's wow-she's-definitely-pregnant tummy.

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Ignoring a gathering throng of paparazzi, the pair instead cheered on Cruise's 12-year-old daughter Isabella, high-fived when her team scored a goal and happily strode off the field when the game ended in a tie.

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