Woody Harrelson & His Wife Are Expecting

Woody Harrelson & His Wife Are Expecting
Louie and Harrelson

updated 10/12/2005 AT 03:45 PM EDT

originally published 10/12/2005 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Woody Harrelson and his wife, Laura Louie, already the parents of two girls, are about to add another child to their family.

"We’re going to add a third member to the family, I'd like to announce right here," the actor, 44, told David Letterman on the Late Show Tuesday night, then joked: "A horse. No I’m kidding…The wife is preggers and we've narrowed it down to me."

After he made the announcement, Harrelson said his wife might be unhappy that he spilled the beans. "She said not to say anything until the end of the first trimester (of the pregnancy), but I think that’s pessimistic."

Harrelson, who stars in the upcoming Charlize Theron drama, North Country, said he’s taken the last several years off of working to "hang out" with his family. "I sure had a lot of fun with my kids," he said.

Currently, Harrelson is on the promotional tour for his new movie costarring Julianne Moore, The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio, in which they play the poverty-stricken parents of 10 children.

In real life, Harrelson, Louie, 40, and their two daughters, Denni Montana, 12, and Zoe Giordano, 9, live on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

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