Ex-SNL Star Charles Rocket Commits Suicide

Ex-SNL Star Charles Rocket Commits Suicide
Charles Rocket
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10/17/2005 AT 11:00 AM EDT

Former Saturday Night Live comic Charles Rocket killed himself earlier this month, the Connecticut medical examiner's office announced on Monday after concluding an investigation into his death, the Associated Press reports.

Rocket, 56, whose real name was Charles Claverie, was found dead in a field near his home in Canterbury, Conn., on Oct 7. His throat had been cut, the medical examiner said.

"An investigation determined there was no criminal aspect to this case," according to State Police Sgt. J. Paul Vance.

A former TV newscaster, the 6'2" Rocket – good-looking, lean and sardonic in the Chevy Chase vein – was believed to have sabotaged his own career after letting an expletive slip during Saturday Night Live.

He was a cast member on the NBC show only from 1980-81 – the near-disastrous year after the original cast (John Belushi, Gilda Radner, Dan Aykroyd, Larraine Newman, Garrett Morris and Bill Murray) had departed the show.

Despite the controversy, he went on to appear in numerous TV shows, including Moonlighting and Max Headroom, and provided voices for cartoon series. His movie credits included Earth Girls are Easy, Dumb and Dumber and Dances With Wolves.
Ex-SNL Star Charles Rocket Commits Suicide| Charles Rocket

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