Horowitz Has Suspect in Mind, Friends Say

Horowitz Has Suspect in Mind, Friends Say
Daniel Horowitz
Paul Sakuma/AP

10/19/2005 AT 08:00 AM EDT

Legal analyst Daniel Horowitz "is pretty sure" he knows who killed his wife, according to Ivan Golde, a friend and fellow attorney of Horowitz's. Golde made the statement Tuesday on Larry King Live, but said the person cannot be named publicly yet.

The comment followed an emotionally charged day for Horowitz, whose wife, Pamela Vitale, was found bludgeoned to death inside the couple's makeshift northern California home Saturday evening.

In an interview on CNN, Horowitz said that he knew immediately his wife was dead when he found her at the mobile home the couple shared while they were awaiting the completion on construction of their nearby home.

"I took it all in, and I knew she was dead," Horowitz said.

The high-powered attorney, who frequently serves as a legal analyst for several networks, said that his wife's body was next to a 65-inch television set that had been moved more than a couple feet, the Associated Press reports. "She fought like hell," he said.

After coming upon the scene, Horowitz said that he called 911 and sat with his wife. "I just told her, 'I love you, and you're beautiful,'" he said.

When the police arrived, they put him in a squad car and took him to the station. "When (the police) got there, all I wanted was for someone to put their arms around me," Horowitz told the San Francisco Chronicle. "Instead, I got put in a police car. But I completely understand. They are doing their job and my job is to help them as much as possible so they can find whoever did this."

So far, no suspects have been named, despite Golde's claim. Police have questioned both Horowitz and Joseph Lynch, a tenant on Horowitz's property. Horowitz and his wife are reported to have had run-ins with Lynch in recent years, but a spokesman for the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department said the case is "wide open."

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