Lindsay Lohan: Feeling 'Classier'

Lindsay Lohan: Feeling 'Classier'
Lindsay Lohan

11/07/2005 AT 06:00 AM EST

Blondes supposedly have more fun, but Lindsay Lohan is loving life as a brunette. "I feel a bit classier with this hair," says the natural redhead. "It's a nice change. I like to try new things."

The actress-singer showed off her dark tresses at the recent Fendi store opening in New York City. And as much as she likes to switch up her hair color, she's just as experimental with her clothes. "It depends on how I'm feeling that day emotionally," Lohan, clad in a black Fendi cocktail dress, told us. "I love Chanel – timeless. Fendi, Gucci, Balenciaga. They're all very chic in their own ways."

But on the subject of her reported romantic pairing with Jared Leto, Lohan (whose sophomore album, Confessions of a Broken Heart, hits stores Nov. 22) remains mum: "I focus on my career, not boys," she said with a laugh.

Pet Project
Carrie Underwood always follows her animal instincts. And that applies to picking members for her band. "One of the questions I ask people is, 'Are you allergic to animals?' " says the American Idol winner. It's an important test: When she hits the road, there may be a few strays hopping aboard the tour bus. "If I see (one) and it needs help in any way – if it's hungry or sick – I'll get it. I can't pass it and just leave it there."

The animal lover – whose debut album, Some Hearts, will be released Nov. 15 – has four dogs (Blondie, Brewsky, Hollie and Mollie) and two cats (Maxwell and Mayeson). "There's nobody else in my family that feels the way I do," says Underwood. "When I was little, watching cartoons where they have little animals that talk – I blame it on those. Everything had a personality."

Caught in the Act
Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, lunching with her daughters at Asia de Cuba in L.A.'s Mondrian Hotel. They feasted on black bean-and-chickpea dumplings. The day before, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen noshed on Tunapica, the eatery's tuna tartare appetizer, while another pair of celebrity siblings – Venus and Serena Williams – also dined on the eatery's fusion fare.

Jessica Alba, hugging boyfriend Cash Warren at a 33rd birthday soiree for Gabrielle Union at Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood. Also at the event, hosted by ultra-exclusive private membership after-hours party Xenii: Charlize Theron, Tyra Banks and John Mayer.


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