Hilary Duff's New World

Hilary Duff's New World
Hilary Duff

11/08/2005 AT 06:00 PM EST

Hilary Duff says her life is pretty normal, but not every 18-year-old makes music and movies, dates a rock star (Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden) and has her own "world" – at least in cyberspace. The Most Wanted singer, 18, recently launched Hilary World, a new Web site on Kids Online at AOL (KOL) that features an advice column, and her own blog on AOL's teen service RED. PEOPLE caught up with Duff about her new venture, coping with life on the road and having her "peaceful, perfect place."

Tell me about your Hilary World site.
It has all my favorite things that I'm into – movies, music, actors – and we update it all the time. I'm doing a blog once or twice a week. There will be an advice column that will have live chats every once in a while.

Do you write the advice column yourself?
I get to go through the questions and pick the ones I want to answer. Kids these days have things going on in their lives, thoughts or feelings that they don't necessarily know who to talk to about. I'm just going to answer honestly and tell them how I would handle a situation. I think serious issues are cool to talk about.

What's your own world like?
I think a lot of people have a misconception that it's very glamorous. I definitely feel lucky for a lot of things I get to do, whether it's going to the Grammys or having an entire room of cool designer clothing, or flying in a private plane. But I give up all of my personal life and I work, work, work all the time. Even when you have time off, you step out of your house and you're still working. People are staring or following you or taking pictures. Part of that is really flattering but it can get very invasive as well.

You recently promoted your greatest-hits album, Most Wanted, in Europe and you're off to Australia in January for 12 days. Does being on the road get lonely?
(My sister) Haylie is the person that I miss the most. She doesn't get to come with me all the time. My last tour in America she came out twice to visit me for the day because she's been working on 7th Heaven for the past couple of months. Joel came for the beginning half of the European tour and he left because of work. And my mom is usually there for half the time just to make sure I'm situated. I need her.

Even though you have a very different life from most 18-year-olds, you seem to keep a sense of normalcy.
I live with my mom and my sister. I never get to spend time at my house, which is kind of a shame because it's my peaceful, perfect place. When I'm home I wake up, clean my room and do normal things like that. I go to Pilates class all the time and I swim. I try to meet up with friends for dinner and at coffee shops. It's definitely somewhat normal – people couldn't imagine my life to be normal, but I do normal things.
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