The Week's Best Celeb Quotes

The Week's Best Celeb Quotes
Kenny Chesney
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11/08/2005 AT 06:00 AM EST

• "She and I fell in love like a couple of school kids. I'm glad to know that happens, that that exists."
Kenny Chesney, on not regretting his short-lived marriage to actress Renee Zellweger

• "I'm pegged as a crier, aren't I?"
Jennifer Aniston, referring to the Vanity Fair article that depicted her as "weepy" over her breakup with Brad Pitt

• "I'm not old or anything. But I'm not exactly Nicole f---in' Richie either."
Sarah Silverman, to Entertainment Weekly, on being a celebrity in her mid-30s

• "How do you call yourself a human being knowing that you put somebody else through that pain?"
Shar Jackson, who says ex-boyfriend Kevin Federline cheated on her with Britney Spears while Jackson was pregnant with their second child

• "Britney Spears's husband Kevin Federline?s first rap song, 'Y'all Ain't Ready,' was leaked onto the Internet. You?re right, we ain't ready. Forget about Scooter Libby – whoever leaked this should go to prison."
D.L. Hughley

• "This is the fairy-tale romance of the century. Girl meets boy. Girl loses boy. Boy marries another girl. Girl becomes boy's mistress. Other girl dies tragically. And they all live happily ever after."
Stephen Colbert (The Colbert Report), on Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles

• "I wasn't even dancing."
– Tony Award-winning actress Sutton Foster, after breaking her arm while rehearsing the song "Accident Waiting to Happen"

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George Clooney

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• "I won't stand by while someone is being insulted and maligned."
George Clooney, defending his actions in a statement after getting into a scuffle outside a London restaurant

• "So I drive around this superficial town/ With a smile on my face/ No one really knows how I feel inside/ And I'm keeping it that way."
Lindsay Lohan, in her new song "Fast Lane"
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