Jackson Finally Finishing Katrina Single

Jackson Finally Finishing Katrina Single
Michael Jackson
Eric Neitzel/WireImage

11/04/2005 AT 08:00 AM EST

After weeks of announcements, Michael Jackson is now said to be close to completing his charity single for Hurricane Katrina relief as he works from his new base of operations in the Middle East.

"All that remains is for two or three more artists to do their tracks, and Michael will then add his vocals," Jackson's Los Angeles-based spokeswoman, Raymone K. Bain, tells the Associated Press. "He is now on the fast track, and we're happy with the progress."

Jackson, working through global satellite and phone connections with the 12 recording artists who are participating, last week coordinated recording sessions with artists visiting L.A. for the Black Entertainment Television awards. The single now is expected to be released next month.

Representatives for Snoop Dogg and R. Kelly confirmed to AP that those artists have participated in the recording sessions for Jackson – who, according to Bain, has rewritten the song several times and is changing the title from the original, "From the Bottom of My Heart," to something new and undisclosed.

Jackson's plan is to provide disaster aid through three funds: the Bill Clinton-George Bush Katrina Fund, the Push-Excel Hurricane Katrina College Relief Fund and a disaster fund set up by the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Since being cleared of child-molestation charges at trial last June, Jackson, 47, has maintained a low profile and reputedly has switched his residence from his Neverland Ranch in California to Bahrain.

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