Jennifer: Talking to Brad Is 'Peaceful'

Jennifer: Talking to Brad Is 'Peaceful'
Jennifer Aniston
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11/08/2005 AT 07:55 AM EST

Despite the deluge of speculation about the current status of their relationship – and their own public silence on the topic – Jennifer Aniston has finally spoken out about how things stand between her and ex-husband Brad Pitt.

"Do I talk to Brad? Yes, we do, I do," Aniston, 36, said during a two-part interview on Good Morning America, the first part of which aired Tuesday. "That's very peaceful. It's a really peaceful thing."

Aniston – who calls her current life "relaxed" and "comfortable" in the "little beach house" in Malibu she shares with her dog, Norman – also says she is not to be pitied as a wronged woman.

"That's another thing," she says. "People want it to be this war and this mean, terrible, shallow thing that's just playing like some soap opera or storyline, and it's just not. So, yeah, pleasant, done."

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Despite her earlier admission to Vanity Fair that she was stunned to see publicity photos of Pitt and his Mr. and Mrs. Smith costar Angelina Jolie playing house in a splashy, albeit tongue-in-cheek spread in W magazine, Aniston tells GMA cohost Diane Sawyer that she's not mad at Pitt.

"No anger, no 'wasted years'?" asked Sawyer. "Thank God, no," says Aniston, explaining that everything has to be put into perspective. "I haven't lost a child to war. I haven't lost my house in a natural disaster. Hearts mend."

The couple's divorce became final on Oct. 2. Pitt and Jolie, meanwhile, have not confirmed a romance or even a relationship.

"How do you do this?" Sawyer inquired. "I mean, for all the girls out there who want to know, how do you do this? How do you move on from something a lot of people would think …"

"I will not let myself down like that," Aniston replied. "I have a lot of amazing women, you know, women in my life who have been an example for me of what not to do. So, and I also know what feels good, and it doesn't feel good to harbor anger and resentment."

"And Vince Vaughn?" asked Sawyer. Aniston laughed, then said: "Next question, Miss Sawyer." But Sawyer pressed on, citing press photos of Aniston and the comic actor very cozy together.

"Pictures are pictures," said Aniston. "He is my friend."

"That's all we're allowed to know?" wondered Sawyer. Answered Aniston, her eyes wide: "Good God."
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