Lost Loses a Main Character to Bullet

Lost Loses a Main Character to Bullet
Maggie Grace
Janet Gough/Celebrity Photo

11/10/2005 AT 07:55 AM EST

A bullet to the chest seemingly ended the run of one of the characters on Lost Wednesday night.

Shannon Rutherford, the spoiled daddy's girl, was apparently killed off as the ABC thriller made good on its promise to deliver an episode that "people will be talking about all year long" and eliminate one of its principals.

Not that Shannon's getting offed came as a complete surprise, despite producers' best efforts to keep the lid on the storyline. Bloggers and other members of the faithful Lost flock seized upon Shannon (played by actress Maggie Grace) weeks ago as the castaway most likely to be "lost forever," reports the Associated Press

Even so, a likely target on Wednesday had also seemed to be fellow refugee Sawyer (Josh Holloway), already faint and feverish from sustaining a bullet wound. But his condition remains to be seen.

Not that Shannon's death may be a completely done deal. As she was ferociously chasing Walt (Malcolm David Kelley) through the jungle, all viewers knew was that trigger-happy Ana Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez) confused her for one of the demonic Others.

Wounded and bloody, Shannon fell helplessly into the arms of Sayid (Naveen Andrews), who had just professed his love for her – and told her that, as a matter of fact, he had witnessed Walt's vision, too.

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