Constantine Chats with PEOPLE

Constantine Chats with PEOPLE
Constantine Maroulis
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11/17/2005 AT 06:00 AM EST

American Idol's shaggy-haired rocker Constantine Maroulis – a sixth-place finisher last season – is a free man. No longer held to the show's contract, the 30-year-old heartthrob already has an ABC sitcom in the works, two solo shows in December and a mission: to meet Ms. Right.

"It's hard to find someone, it really is," says Maroulis, who recently stopped by the PEOPLE offices. "I want to settle down eventually. I'm not a kid anymore. My parents have been married well over 40 years and I want what they have."

But for now, the fans come first. Maroulis, a New Yorker with followers as far away as the Philippines, says he still gets hundreds of letters a week and reads the web sites devoted to him. "They're so exciting," he says of his fans. "They're career people, they're little kids, they're grandmothers and soldiers in the army."

For more about Maroulis, his TV show and life as a single guy, click on the links to hear his interview with reporter Ashley Williams.

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