Cameron: Minding Justin's Appetite

Cameron: Minding Justin's Appetite
Cameron Diaz
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12/02/2005 AT 06:00 AM EST

Cameron Diaz certainly knows the way to boyfriend Justin Timberlake's heart. When the actress had dinner with friends at Italian eatery Il Sole in West Hollywood recently, she had her man's appetite on her mind. After Diaz couldn't finish her lamb chops, she had the server wrap them up and told her pals, "I'm taking this home for Justin." For dessert, the group ordered a plate of cookies – but she also wanted a sweet for her sweetie. "Can you pack another macaroon to go?" she asked the server – and then stashed the treat in the bag with leftovers for Timberlake. Awww...

Going Strong
After almost four years of marriage, LeAnn Rimes reports that she's still in wedded-bliss mode with dancer husband Dean Sheremet. "We're meant for each other. He travels everywhere with me, so we don't have a long-distance relationship," says Rimes. "We've spent three days apart since we met five years ago. We really enjoy each other – we don't want to be away from each other."

So, what's the secret to their relationship's success? "We laugh a lot, we goof off, we argue what we need to argue about and get it out of the way," the country singer told us after performing in New York City for Mastercard's "Home for the Holidays" program. "Nothing's that serious that we fight and don't talk to each other. We're very much in love."

The couple have to plans to have kids someday, but for now they're just enjoying each other. "We talk about it but nothing's cooking," she said while patting her flat stomach.

Caught in the Act
Julia Roberts, shopping at the Heist boutique, near her home in Venice, Calif. Among her purchases: a khaki-colored Cris cashmere top.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, hanging out with their former Full House castmates John Stamos and Dave Coulier at the bat mitzvah of costar Bob Saget's daughter Jennifer at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel. When the celebration came to a close, the reunion moved on to the hotel's lounge.

Sigourney Weaver, eating a banana and wearing sunglasses while strolling through New York City's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood.


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