Saddam Skips Court at His Own Trial

Saddam Skips Court at His Own Trial
Ben Curtis/AP

12/07/2005 AT 08:00 AM EST

Saddam Hussein was MIA as his trial resumed Wednesday in Baghdad.

On Tuesday, after a nine-hour courtroom session in which five witnesses testified about brutalities they experienced during a 1982 government crackdown, the deposed Iraqi leader, 68, complained of not being allowed to shower, have a change of clothes, or have time to exercise or smoke. He vowed not to return.

"I will not be in a court without justice. Go to hell, all you agents of America," Hussein announced, CNN reports.

Wednesday morning, Saddam's attorney's lawyers conferred with the trial's judges about the situation before conferring with their client.

Saddam and seven other defendants are on trial in connection with the deaths of more than 140 men in Dujail, a town north of Baghdad. The killings were considered retribution for a failed assassination attempt on Hussein.

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