Photographer: Aniston 'Exposed Herself'

Photographer: Aniston 'Exposed Herself'
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12/08/2005 AT 08:00 AM EST

The photographer being sued by Jennifer Aniston for allegedly taking topless pictures of her outside her home says he never intended to market the shots – and admonishes the former Friends star for sunning herself in her nearly nude state to begin with.

"She's the one who went out there topless," Peter Brandt tells ABC News. "I didn't go looking for it."

Brandt, 53, says he was only looking to take photos of Aniston and Vince Vaughn, and he denies that he was trespassing on her property, as the actress's lawsuit asserts he was doing.

"She has no fences around her backyard," Brandt says. "I did not trespass." As for his photographic opportunity: "When I saw her come out topless, I go, 'Oh, God, this is not what I want, this is not what people want to buy anyway,'" he says, adding: "I haven't sold those pictures anywhere."

According to papers filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Aniston, 36, is seeking monetary damages and a cease-and-desist order against Brandt, a widely published photographer whom she claims observed her "from a great distance through invasive, intrusive and unlawful measures," the Los Angeles Times reported.

The pictures "could have been taken only by means of trespass" and were shot in a place where she had reasonable expectations of privacy, according to the lawsuit on behalf of Aniston.

Simultaneous to filing the lawsuit against Brandt, Aniston's lawyers dispatched a warning to the media not to buy photos from him, saying that publications on both sides of the Atlantic could face invasion-of-privacy lawsuits if they use the shots, according to a letter obtained by the Smoking Gun Web site.

Concludes Brandt, referring to Aniston and her legal team: "You know, they're suing me and all the publications who are publishing them, and I haven't sold them anywhere."

Still, he admits to ABC News: "Sending the topless pictures along with (the other photos) was maybe my mistake. But I wasn't intending to sell those."
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