Hear Mary J. Blige's New Album

Hear Mary J. Blige's New Album
Mary J. Blige
Andrea Renault/GLOBE

12/20/2005 AT 06:00 AM EST

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She once sang about not wanting any more drama in her life, and it seems like Mary J. Blige has gotten her wish. "I'm content with Mary for the very first time," the 34-year-old R&B diva tells PEOPLE about what listeners will learn from her seventh studio album, The Breakthrough. "I love her, I like her, and I accept everything I cannot change and I accept the things that I can change about her. So they're actually getting a hopeful album from Mary J. Blige."

From the opening track, "No One Will Do," about her relationship with her music-producer husband of two years, Kendu Isaacs ("Seen many men in my time/ But none of them compare to mine"), to "Can't Hide from Luv," her duet with rapper Jay-Z, PEOPLE’s music critic Chuck Arnold says of the album: "While she spends much of this disc celebrating her personal Breakthrough, Blige hasn't forgotten about her fans still in the struggle."

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