New Baby, New Lives

New Baby, New Lives
"They looked like they wanted to adopt all the kids," Wyclef Jean says of Pitt and Jolie, who visited a Port-au-Prince school on Jan. 13.

01/19/2006 AT 12:00 PM EST

Ever wonder when Brad Pitt will get around to giving Angelina Jolie a ring? Well, quit wondering. Visiting Angel Gemas, a shop in the Dominican Republic capital of Santo Domingo on Jan. 10, the couple perused cigars (him) and jewelry (her) with a playful Maddox, 4, and baby Zahara, 12 months, in tow.

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When a pregnant Jolie – "she looked radiant," says clerk Victoria Salcé – spied a gold ring made with larimar, a local blue volcanic stone, "[Pitt] said, 'It's very pretty – do you want it?' " recalls Salcé. Jolie said yes, and Pitt plunked down $48 for the bauble, which she quickly slipped on. If it wasn't exactly a wedding band, in every other way, says an onlooker, "they seemed like a happy family."

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