Terri Schiavo's Husband Remarries

Terri Schiavo's Husband Remarries
Michael Schiavo
Chris O'Meara/AP

01/23/2006 AT 08:00 AM EST

Terri Schiavo's widower, Michael Schiavo, married his longtime girlfriend, Jodi Centonze, Saturday in an emotional ceremony at a church in Florida, friends and family members tell the Associated Press.

Schiavo's late wife, Terri, had suffered severe brain damage more than a decade ago and died last March after her feeding tube was removed.

Her husband had argued that Terri was in a vegetative state and would not want to be kept alive artificially – a claim disputed by her parents and which ultimately came to involve Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court.

The newlyweds first met in a dentist's office and began a relationship after Terri Schiavo was already in a nursing home. They have two young children.

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