Ready to Rumble?

Ready to Rumble?
Now that both sides have filed, "the only ugliness is if she has to pay him a lot of money," says a Simpson pal. As long as they reach a "fair settlement," counters a Lachey source, "there is no reason it should get nasty."

02/23/2006 AT 12:00 PM EST

Standing center stage being anointed a Fun Fearless Male seems like precisely the sort of place a football-and-beer-with-the-buddies kind of guy like Nick Lachey would find his inner frat boy. And true to form, on the red carpet at the Cosmopolitan magazine awards gala on Feb. 13, he was all boisterous party boy, cracking wise with his pal, USC quarterback Matt Leinart.

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But standing in front of the microphone, Mr. Fearless was feeling kind of quiet. "In all honesty, it is a little ironic to receive this award right now," Lachey told the crowd, making a rare and emotional reference to his divorce from Jessica Simpson. "Because in some ways I feel like this is a point in my life when I've never been more afraid. I'd like to thank the people who allow me to be fearless," he added. "My friends and my family."

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