Jen & Vince: A Fine Romance

Jen & Vince: A Fine Romance
"Vince is the kind of guy you can have a beer with, read the Sunday paper with and know that he is going to care for you," says a Chicago source of Vaughn (in June).

07/13/2006 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Vegas, it's not. The quiet farm town of Carthage, S.Dak., boasts 187 residents, two bars and a single diner. So it's no surprise that Vince Vaughn hasn't exactly been living it up. In South Dakota for two weeks to shoot the drama Into the Wild with director Sean Penn, the nightlife-loving actor has found time for hobbies like bowling and poker, but not with his usual zest. "He's made it pretty clear that this isn't his kind of place," says a crew member. When Carthage retiree Arny Roos, an extra on the film, offered to get Vaughn tickets to a comedy club in Sioux Falls, he recalls, the actor politely declined. "He said, 'As soon as I'm done, I'm outta here.' "

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