Could This Be JonBenét's Killer?

Could This Be JonBenét's Killer?
"I want to face it," Karr told Thai police after being detained in Bangkok (left). When his murder confession was questioned, Karr said, "I don't like for people to call me a liar."
Rungroj Yongrit/EPA/Corbis; Randall Simons/Polaris

08/24/2006 AT 12:00 PM EDT

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It started with a stunning phone call: There was a new suspect in the case. Patsy Ramsey – her cancer spreading, her strength sapped – boarded a plane to Colorado last February and, with her husband, John, went to see Boulder County District Attorney Mary Lacy. There had been other suspects, and even a number of false confessions, but this time was different: This suspect seemed to know undisclosed details of the crime scene. The Ramseys – who for many years had lived with widespread public perception that they might have been involved in or knew more than they were saying about the crime – left the meeting with Lacy feeling hopeful.

"That trip to Boulder was very hard for Patsy physically," says her close friend Suzanne Goebel. "She came back, and the tumors in her brain were diagnosed, and it went downhill from there. But somehow she talked her body into not dying until she was pretty sure they had the killer. I think she concluded in her head and heart that this time they have the right one."

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