Dancing with the Scissor Sisters

Dancing with the Scissor Sisters
Frontwoman Ana Matronic (say that one fast), one of the Scissor Sisters' two lead singers, takes a glittery outlook.

09/27/2006 AT 12:10 PM EDT

Scissor Sister Ana Matronic Speaks!

  • Who are the Scissor Sisters? Ana introduces her band
  • Why do they love glitter so much?
  • How did they get Elton John on their team?
They've knocked Justin Timberlake down the charts, they're frequently in gold lamé, and now, they're Dancing with the Stars – or rather, performing for them. But just who are the Scissor Sisters?

The New York quintet – falsetto-voiced singer Jake Sheers; earthy co-vocalist Ana Matronic; bassist Babydaddy; guitarists Del Marquis; and drummer Paddy Boom – make smart dance music that borrows lovingly from '70s-era Elton John and the Bee Gees. And with their second album, Ta-Dah (released Tuesday in the States), they already have had a No. 1 single in Britain, taking Justin Timberlake's top spot with their single "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'".

PEOPLE caught up with Ana Matronic while she was en route to Los Angeles to tape Dancing (airing Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET on ABC) and got the scoop on everything from their North American tour (which kicks off Thursday) to Joey Lawrence ("He has no hair anymore. It's very strange."), fashion and more.

You've said you don't watch television, but what are you expecting on Dancing with the Stars?
My mother's husband loves it. He is going to be 70 this year. I do know we are the musical entertainment, and that it's quite popular. I'll just be like moonwalking and be like, 'Hey, wanna dance?'"

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