My Girl

My Girl

06/21/2007 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Every Monday at the Cyrus household starts off the same – usually. Around 7:15 a.m. country singer and Dancing with the Stars alum Billy Ray Cyrus has a hot cup of Ovaltine ready for his 14-year-old daughter Miley when she tumbles out of bed. Then the two carpool over to the set of their hit Disney Channel show Hannah Montana for their 8:30 call time. But one recent Monday the man who sang "Achy Breaky Heart" was nowhere to be found. "I'm yelling for my dad up and down the house," says Miley, curling up on a chair as her father sprawls on the floor next to her at the family's Italian-style villa in Toluca Lake, Calif. "So I'm frantic. I go outside, and his car is gone, and my mom's car is gone. So I call my dad and I'm like, 'Dad? Did you forget somebody?' He's like, 'You're not with your mama?' "

"I didn't forget her," interjects Billy Ray in his southern drawl. "I just thought she had already gone." Billy Ray drove back for his daughter and they headed to the set. "He was like, 'You're going to go in there and make me look like an idiot, aren't you?' I said, 'Yup!'" recalls Miley, giggling. "Then he goes, 'Well, I don't need your help!' "
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