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updated 07/12/2006 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/12/2006 AT 01:00 AM EDT

tot tracks

Jon Stewart, Jude Law and other star dads head outside to bond with their kids ... Celeb moms juggle baby and baggage ... Celine Dion's son helps make long tresses on boys a fashion trend

baby monitor

What's new in celebrity baby names, adoption trends and more ...
Plus: Download the Ultimate Baby Playlist—songs famous moms and dads wrote for their own little ones


Check out how funky Gwen, classic Katie, minimalist Angelina and sexy Heidi maintained their individual styles all nine months of their pregnancies

4th-trimester fashion

How the stars stay stylish when the baby is out but the baby bump is not quite gone

maternity tees

Whimsical shirts that let celeb moms-to-be play up their playful sides

diaper bags

The latest looks in baby baggage for moms—and dads

baby shower chic

The hottest trends in baby showers? Exotic Moroccan bashes, fancy afternoon teas and sophisticated cocktail parties. Find out how to throw one of your own

cool gifts

From comfy tees to crystal-studded pacifiers: the latest in celebrity baby presents

my pregnancy diary

Melissa Joan Hart talks about the joyful and scary moments on her way to motherhood

Jennifer Garner's new-mom workout

How the Alias star got buff again

post-baby diet

Sample the diet that let Tia Carrere nurse daughter Bianca and drop the baby weight

too cute!

Celeb parents like Brooke Shields, Denise Richards and Donald Trump pose with their newborns

my life as a new dad

Dancing with the Stars' champ Drew Lachey on life with new daughter Isabella

Gwyneth's baby nurse tells all

Rachel Waddilove shares her tips

treats for tots

Picky-eater-proof recipes from Emeril Lagasse and Iron Chef America's Cat Cora

hot celeb nurseries

Vintage? Classic? Or modern? A shopping guide to the hottest styles in decorating for baby ...
Plus: Design tips from the pros


Yup, they have them too. Stars reveal their most embarrassing baby moments


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