Dressing for Two

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originally published 07/12/2006 AT 01:00 AM EDT


Mixing Asian styles with rock-star sensibility, the 36-year-old singer "has developed this glamorous bohemian look," says designer Jennifer Noonan of the L.A. maternity boutique Naissance on Melrose. The key to her look? "Prints and more prints and lots of layering," says maternity style maven Emilia Fabricant. "What makes her so unique and great is how eclectic she is."

Takeaway tip:
Big sleeves and flowing fabrics help balance your proportion.


Although Holmes had a collection of maternity outfits custom-made for her during her pregnancy with daughter Suri, born April 18, the actress wasn't looking for anything fancy. "Her goal was not to make a bold statement but to look classic and elegant—and comfortable," says Chiarakruza maternity-line designer Stephanie Hansen-Boye, who worked with Holmes, 27. Her key looks? Jeans and tunics or feminine, loose-fitting dresses.

Takeaway tip:
Choose simple cuts for style and comfort.


Short skirts, plunging necklines, sky-high heels. Before giving birth to son Henry Sept. 12, the supermodel and Project Runway host put a sexy twist on maternity style. "She was proud of her figure, and she wasn't reticent to show it off," says Runway mentor Tim Gunn. "She was saying you can look fabulous and great while pregnant." And even her burgeoning bump wasn't enough to make her kick off her signature stilettos. "She'd make fun of the fact that she was a little top-heavy," says Gunn. "But there was never a show where she was wearing less than a 2-inch heel."

Takeaway tip:
If you've got it, flaunt it.


Saving the world while expecting isn't easy, so Jolie kept her wardrobe simple. "Her choices struck me as very utilitarian chic," says Stephanie Hansen-Boye of the L.A. maternity boutique Chirakruza, where Jolie, 31, has shopped. "She is busy doing things in the world, so she's a complete fashion minimalist." Her secrets? "Everything tonal or black," says Jennifer Noonan of L.A.'s Naissance on Melrose maternity boutique. "And very streamlined."

Takeaway tip:
Black is always chic and always slimming.


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