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Riding horses? Roping calves? No problem! But country singer Tim McGraw did have trouble with one scene in the family film Flicka: kissing costar Maria Bello. "That was the toughest part of the movie," says McGraw, 39, who has been married for 10 years to fellow singer Faith Hill, with whom he has three daughters. "It felt awkward. Hopefully it doesn't come across that way!" And how does Hill feel about her husband smooching another woman? "Uh," says McGraw, "it wasn't her favorite part of the movie."


Since splitting from husband Dave Navarro in July, Carmen Electra has been relearning the bachelorette basics. "What does a single girl do? I don't know!" says the actress, 34. "I've had more time to hang out with my friends. It's been nice to reconnect and have sleepovers and go out dancing," adds the former Baywatch star, who says she isn't looking for a new love—yet. "In my past I went from relationship to relationship and didn't take time out for myself.... I'm trying to break [the] pattern."


When Russell Crowe signed on to star in the romantic comedy A Good Year, he was thrilled to meet 14-year-old costar Freddie Highmore (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). "I'm a big fan and I told him so," says Crowe, 42, who soon found out the feelings weren't necessarily mutual. "Our first conversation together I said, 'Listen, Fred, if you want to spend some time hanging out, discussing the characters, I'm available,'" recalls Crowe. "He says, 'Oh, Mr. Crowe, I don't think I'll have the time.'" So how did the Oscar winner respond? "'Well, you just enjoy yourself then. I'll go back into my corner now!'"

FREE ASSOCIATION ... with STEVEN TYLER, who just released his new CD Devil's Got a New Disguise: The Very Best of Aerosmith

Favorite moment with grandson Milo: When Liv was changing his diaper and she got squirted on.

Fan love: [At a show] the other night, this girl takes her arm off and holds it up to me. In the hole of the prosthetic limb is a rose. So that's why I have my lyrics on TelePrompTers. People ask, "Haven't you sung 'Dream On' enough to know it?" But when a girl unscrews her arm, I don't know where I am in a song!

Rock star perks: I could be dropped out of a plane over mid-America and whatever roof I landed on, chances are they'd offer me dinner.

Being starstruck himself: 1967—I'm waiting outside a hotel in New York, and the Rolling Stones pulled up in their limo. I ran over and got a picture with Brian Jones and Mick Jagger. I kept it in my back pocket for six years; got me [ladies] every time.

"The thing they both had in common was I couldn't eat lunch! [The first time] I had to be very thin to wear Prada and the other because you can't fit much food into a corset"
Anne Hathaway, on going from The Devil Wears Prada to playing Jane Austen in Becoming Jane

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