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"I wish Farrah strength in this time. From one native Texas girl to another, you can beat it, Farrah!"
Judith Yates
Nashville, Tenn.

I adore Farrah Fawcett and have for over three decades now. I do hope she beats this cancer swiftly and with as little discomfort as possible. She is my favorite actress, my favorite blonde and, of course, my favorite Angel. People forget the phenomenon she was and the great talent she remains. Get well soon, Angel.
Kenny Gray
Galveston, Texas

As a huge fan of Farrah's since the '70s, my heart went out when I heard the initial reports of her illness. When I read your article, I got an even bigger shot to the heart. It is the same cancer that I was diagnosed with five years ago as a 42-year-old mother of two. This particular cancer is rare. As a survivor I have to tell her that attitude is everything and that she should welcome the support of those who love her. Not everyone can understand the terror you feel, and that's okay. The treatment is not easy, but I'm here to tell Farrah that the cancer can be beat. My prayers will be with her.
Cheryl Nelson
Toledo, Ohio

What did Farrah ever do to deserve this? She is a wonderful person and a true fighter who will conquer this complication in her life. It's also wonderful that she can count on Ryan O'Neal to support her in this trial. Although they have had their trying times, I think he finally sees her as the woman she really is. Maybe he can find redemption through her struggle and be there for her.
Nate Huntington
Monroe, Conn.


Shame on Alana Lipkin, the woman who finds mispriced items in grocery stores and gets them for free. What you are doing, Alana, seems like nothing short of shoplifting. I agree with the spokeswoman for Stop & Shop: You are taking unfair advantage of store guarantees that are designed to help honest customers. You insist that you are helping the stores? You helped them so much that they banned you. Find something more constructive to do with your time.
Cindy Kelley
Minneapolis, Minn.

Alana Lipkin is doing us all a huge service. I think those stores should pay her for what she is doing, and that the lazy store help should be fired. Maybe the employees would actually do what they are supposed to do instead of just showing up to collect a check. I am a store owner. Way to go, Alana. Keep up the good work.
G. Dean
Daytona Beach, Fla.


Kudos for naming wrestling champ John Cena your "Sexy Man of the Week." He's not only an amazing athlete but drop-dead gorgeous to boot. Where was he in your "50 Most Beautiful People" issue or your "Sexiest Man Alive" issue? I'd take him over Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom any day.
Jennifer Campbell
Grenada, Miss.


We received a lot of mail regarding our story about Heartland Christian Academy, the religious boot camp established by Pastor Charles Sharpe in northeast Missouri for troubled teens. "Yes, children need a structured environment," writes Joanne Wiley of Los Angeles, Calif., echoing the sentiments of more than 100 other readers, "but not a 'school' that uses isolation, food deprivation and corporal punishment. What happened to compassion, patience and guidance?" Pastor Sharpe, through his attorney, wrote to say he found our story and photos "disappointing," and half a dozen others agreed. "When you are dealing with individuals who are at the end of their rope and have little choice other than jail, you are going to have problems," writes Molly Chamberlain, who did not provide an address. "I know three people who have lived, worked and fellowshipped at Heartland. They all had life-changing experiences for the better, and now they have nothing but good things to say about the school."

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