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"If someone doesn't step in soon and get Lindsay help, she will end up killing herself or someone else"

Beverly Rampero
South Park, Pa.

Lindsay Lohan is a talented, beautiful young woman; it saddened me to read that she was arrested for DUI, driving with a suspended license and cocaine possession. Kicking an addiction is a long and very difficult process, but people do recover. As a fan of Lindsay's, I believe she will do whatever it takes to get herself healthy again.

Nicole Devore
Henderson, Nev.

It is obvious that all the rehab and support Lindsay is getting, not to mention her growing collection of DUIs, is not sinking in. The one thing that will wake this girl up is serious jail time; otherwise, the next story you do on Lindsay could be her funeral.

Tania Anderson
Carrollton, Texas

So where was Dina Lohan? She says she parties with Lindsay so she can keep an eye on her daughter. Dina obviously missed this latest party.

Kathy Leaman
Middletown, Md.


Ann Romney has MS; that in and of itself is terrible, but for Mrs. Romney to make the comment, "Couldn't I just have cancer and die?" was thoughtless, insensitive and self-absorbed. My mother-in-law just died of cancer, and I'll bet she would have been happy having MS. I'm sure my mother-in-law wanted to see her grandchildren grow up. Shame on you, Ann.

Alicia Waltuck
Austin, Texas


Your story about Los Angeles school-bus driver Tanya Walters and the inner-city school kids she took on a cross-country trip was inspiring. Those teenagers struggle every day with life on the streets, but with the guidance and support of people like Ms. Walters, maybe they will see there is a lot more out there for them, if they just look in the right direction.

June Miller
Pacific Palisades, Calif.


We had fun laughing at Tammy Faye's fake eyelashes, gobs of makeup and free-flowing tears. She represented everything that was wrong with televangelism. In the last few months, we stopped laughing, but Tammy Faye kept smiling and proclaiming the same message, "God loves us." Her children obviously respected and adored her. I guess they knew all along what the rest of us missed. For all the hairdos, clothes and makeup, Tammy Faye was the real deal.

Cheri Greenwood
Spokane, Wash.


Well, I'll be darned. In your "British Invasion" story there is a rare picture of Mrs. David Beckham smiling. I didn't realize Posh could smile!

Margaret Keith
Challenge, Calif.

Readers had a powerful response to our story on Patrick Sims, a Denver student who took his eyes off the road while text messaging and killed a father of two. "I'm outraged by the light punishment doled out to Patrick Sims," writes Cynthia Nicholas-Harter of Grand Rapids, Mich. "Texting while driving will never stop until the message is clear that this behavior will not be tolerated." Others were dismayed to learn Washington is just one of a few states that ban drivers from texting. "I'm stunned that all states have not enacted a law," writes Annette Barbera of Annapolis, Md. "It is as important as prohibiting drinking and driving." Barbera isn't alone. A new survey conducted by Pinger and Harris Interactive says 9 out of 10 adults believe that texting behind the wheel should be outlawed. But for many, Sims's story was a wake-up call. Daniel Hall of Vero Beach, Fla., writes, "I won't text anymore while driving. Patrick, I hear you loud and clear."

In our Aug. 13 issue, we stated that the ABC television series Fat March would air on Tuesdays. It will air on Mondays at 9 p.m.

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