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"I can't get over Jessica leaving Nick. Two words for you if you want me to buy future issues: Team Nick!
Jennifer McDevitt

John Mayer is "the antithesis of Nick" because Nick Lachey used to laugh at Jessica when she said something that didn't sound smart? Well, look around, Miss Simpson, so did the rest of America. On behalf of all Nick Lachey fans, thank you for leaving him!
Hillary Nethers
Leesburg, Va.

It sounds like Jessica's father, Joe, is cooking up rumors again to get her on magazines and in the news. What a coincidence that her album just came out!
Jenny B.

If John Mayer is the "smart, East Coast boy" the article says he is, he should run for his life. Marriage in Hollywood reminds me of my hummingbirds, darting from flower to flower only to stay long enough for a nice snack.
Betty Williams
Essexville, Mich.

9/11 MOMS

I read the inspiring 9/11 stories of these courageous women with tears and a deep understanding I wish I didn't have. My beloved husband, Dan, his wonderful friend and their pilot were killed in a small plane crash a week before Thanksgiving 2004. The loss was devastating and life-altering. One of the ways I'm dealing is by embracing a passion I've always had to become a writer. I hope telling my and my late husband's story will aid in the healing. I am awed by these women's stories and wish them great happiness and peace. Life's currents inevitably pull us along, but our deep losses will always be felt. These women are heroes and an inspiration. Their late husbands would be proud.
Tracy C. Peters
Peoria, Ariz.

It broke my heart to read the stories of the women who gave birth after losing their husbands on 9/11. But I was more saddened to read of the mother who did not speak of her children's father to them and the other mother who has relegated all photos of her late husband to her bedroom. These sons and daughters deserve to talk about their fathers and remember them. It hurts to talk about people we've lost, but doing so also brings back the good memories and is a way for families to heal, together.
Heidi M. Drake
Bend, Ore.


I was disgusted when I read Megan Mullally's quote regarding having to pay taxes on the $33,000 gift bag from Emmy night: "I waived mine ... we're all getting screwed." Is she serious? When I won a cruise at work, I had to pay taxes. If you win the lottery, you pay taxes. Ms. Mullally, you didn't get "screwed," you were given a reality check.
Diane Williams
Wesley Chapel, Fla.


Many readers were both inspired and in some ways frustrated by our story on Crystal Renn, the previously anorexic model who, after gaining 70 lbs., now weighs 165 lbs. and has a thriving career. "It's refreshing to see a model who bucks the system and feels sexier with a little meat on her bones," writes Lisa Filbert of Citrus Heights, Calif. "What disgusts me, though, is that at 5′ 9″ and wearing a size 12, she is considered a plus-size model." A few readers also congratulated the fashion industry insiders who hire Renn. "Kudos to Steven Meisel and Dolce & Gabbana for hiring a normal, realistic model," writes Peg Anderson of Syracuse. "Now the fashion world needs to ditch their 'plus-size' (read fat) labeling of normal, healthy women. How about calling them 'real-life' models instead?"

Clarification: In our Sept. 18 issue, we ran an article about Cher auctioning off her clothing and jewelry for charity. The singer misidentified a pair of earrings. Realizing the mistake, she says, "Aren't these earrings beautiful? They were designed by Loree Rodkin. I have a million of her pieces."

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