Picks and Pans Review: X-Men 3's Good Girl Gone Bad?

updated 05/29/2006 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/29/2006 AT 01:00 AM EDT

>Famke Janssen

She was plenty scary as a sociopathic transsexual on Nip/Tuck. Now Janssen, 41, transforms from mild mutant Jean Grey to fiery Dark Phoenix in X-Men: The Last Stand, out May 26.

WHY SHE'S NO ACTION HERO I never had to do stunts for these films. My character has cerebral powers. In this one, she can destroy universes by lifting a finger. Any special effects that happen to me are done with CGI after the fact. I never had to endure anything but a wig on my head.

HER JUICIEST BAD-GIRL ROLE Ava [on Nip/Tuck] was probably more enjoyable. There was something very wicked about her and she really enjoyed it. Jean Grey/Phoenix is much more tormented. There were a lot of difficult emotional scenes. Not as fun.

HER ODDEST HOBBY I make dog clothes. The outfits are skater inspired. They're hoodies that have patches of skulls or spitfires. They're exclusive to [my Boston terrier] Licorice.

FUTURE MUTATIONS When I'm an old, wrinkled woman I would love to write novels. And I love the idea of dancing, whether it's a movie, Broadway or whatever. Anywhere but a reality show.

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