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"Angelina Jolie seems to be one of the rare individuals who represents both inner and outer beauty"
Kathy Draper
Northampton, Mass.

I applaud your choice of Angelina Jolie for the cover. I've always admired her unique spirit and staggering beauty, and I'm happy she has come into her own as a person and a mother. What we do know about her relationship with Brad Pitt is that these two seem genuinely happy, have formed a beautiful family and are giving of themselves to make real changes for the less fortunate in this world.
Maria Evans
Houston, Texas

Angelina Jolie as the most beautiful woman? Are you kidding? Doesn't beauty start from within? I'm sorry, but all the humanitarianism in the world can't make up for the fact that she is what she is: nothing more than a home wrecker.
Kristi Bodine
Topeka, Kans.

Where was Jennifer Aniston? How could you have left her out? She may have been replaced in Brad's heart, but she will always be in ours.
Karen Rodericks
Port Charlotte, Fla.

How could you not include Jonathan Rhys Meyers?
Christy Grilliette
Walls, Miss.

... Orlando Bloom?
Brenda Wilson
Summit, N.J.

... Johnny Depp?
Mitzi L. Heim
Kent, Washington

... Thandie Newton?
Amy Thackery
Montclair, Calif.

... Monica Bellucci?
John K. Hayden
Weatherford, Okla.

... Prison Break's Wentworth Miller?
Riana Leonardo
Warwick, R.I.

... Joaquin Phoenix?
Carmen M. Albuerne
Baltimore, Md.

... Marg Helgenberger?
Lawrence Reid
Oceanside, Calif.

... Anderson Cooper?
Christy Granovski
Helena, Ala.

... singer Michael Bublé?
Cindy Begly
Pittsburgh, Penn.

... my wife and Uma Thurman?
Bill Landis
Sperryville, Va.


Thank you, Taylor Cross, for being so courageous and open about autism. My son, who is 3, has autism, and it is what makes him special. Your documentary is a wonderful way to show the world that kids with autism are real kids with real feelings. It gives my husband and me so much hope.
Amy Gift
Coraopolis, Penn.


My heart and prayers go out to Carnie for her addictions. In my opinion she should have been featured as this year's most beautiful person. May she find peace with her body.
Edith Blue
Cambridge, Mass.


In our 12/19/05 issue, PEOPLE reported the story of Christina Desforges, 15, a Canadian eighth grader allergic to peanuts who died after kissing her boyfriend, who had eaten peanut butter. Doctors at the time suggested that Desforges, whose story attracted worldwide attention, may have died of an allergic reaction from the kiss. But at a May 11 press conference, Quebec coroner Michel Miron announced that Desforges had not died from an allergy but from a severe asthma attack. An asthmatic, Desforges spent the hours before her death at her boyfriend's house, where he kept a long-haired dog and where friends had smoked, both asthma irritants. And while Desforges's family now knows the truth, that's little consolation for her mother, Nathalie, 36. "After six months," she says, "I want to let Christina go in peace."

Correction In our May 8 issue we stated that basketball player Chris Paul was the favorite for NBA MVP honors. He was the favorite for NBA Rookie of the Year honors. We regret the error.

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