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Age: 25
Get to know him: He was Johnny Storm ("Flame on!") in Fantastic Four and is the love interest in next year's The Nanny Diaries.

First love: "My first babysitter."

Best date: "We sat on the Santa Monica Pier on a bench from 9 p.m. until 4 in the morning. In one night I felt closer to this person than with some of my best friends."

My secret crush: "Sandra Bullock and always has been. I saw Speed in seventh grade and thought, 'That's my lady.'"


Age: 32
Get to know him: He plays Dr. Chris Turk on NBC's hit show Scrubs.

I like the idea of a woman ... "giving me a pedicure. That sounds kinda romantic. Any woman who can put up with my feet—I love you."

People say that the sexiest thing about me is ... "my sense of humor."

My best feature is ... "my lips."

My best friend is ... "a girl named Babe. I have a Rottweiler. I've had her since she was born. She's the lady in my life."

My brother calls me ... "a sucker for love."

It's getting serious when ... "I can't stop thinking about her."

If I had just one word to describe myself, it would be ... "difficult."


Age: 36
Get to know him: Along with his brother Jamie and mother, Food Network chef and author Paula Deen, he co-owns the Lady & Sons restaurant in Savannah. He will also be cohosting Road Tasted, which debuts this summer on the Food Network.

How dating is like cooking: "Separately the ingredients are wonderful, but mixed together it could be a disaster."

What he's looking for: "She has to be sweet, and my mother would have to give her blessing. I don't usually date girls I wouldn't bring home to Mama."


Age: 36
Get to know him: Watch CBS's CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Creative dating: "I like daytime activities. On one date we played tennis, then went to a museum. Another girl took me sea kayaking. It was amazing."

Inspiration: "Few people have the same social and ethical influence as Oprah. I want a partner who has Oprah-esque qualities."

Fave time killer: "You think you're going to outgrow video games, but I'm kind of a dork. I like to have a glass of wine and play Xbox. I hate to brag, but I'm pretty good."

Surprise!: "I write poetry to myself. I like poetry because nobody can tell you it's wrong. It's just for me."


Age: 33
Get to know him: Watch CSI: NY or read his book, Letters to a Young Brother: MANifest Your Destiny.

Pedigree: B.A. from Brown; law degree from Harvard.

Best feature: "My lips—or so I've been told. That's all I can go by."

He-man hobby: "I race cars—Formula Fords, a Mustang GT and Super Carts. I love it. It's technical, athletic and competitive."

Soft side: "I want kids. Two biological, three adopted. So many kids need homes. If you can provide a loving one, you should."


Age: 29
Get to know him: This former 'N Syncer's as-yet-unnamed second solo album comes out this fall.

Tech savvy: "I can fix anybody's computer. I'm not a total tech guy, but I'm pretty good, I have to say."

Most attractive attribute: "My positive attitude."

Wooing ways: "If I wrote a song for a girl, I would only play it for her. I wouldn't want her to think it was part of my job."

His knowing nose: "It's wild, man, but I get an impression from perfume. If a girl wears vanilla, I think, 'Oh, she's sweet.' If it's patchouli, I think, 'That girl is smart.'"

Grooming secret: "Big Sexy Hair products. I get giant bottles because I don't like to shop a whole lot."

Ideal first date: "I'd rather do it in a group, believe it or not. That way the girl's not feeling like all the pressure is on her. She can laugh something off with her friends, and I can do the same."


Age: 44
Get to know him: Tune in to TNT's The Closer.

On his ex, Teri Hatcher: "As a father and a gentleman, I feel that discussing our personal life is not something I want to do."

What he's looking for: "Someone who is aware of and involved in the world."

Best feature: "My mind, but it also gets in my way. I overanalyze. I need to find a balance between heart and brain."

Favorite outfit: "Jeans and a shirt.

I prefer comfort to chic."

I'm an expert in ... "telling jokes—at least I think I am."

Smells like: "I rarely wear fragrance. I would hate my own scent to get in the way of smelling someone else's scent."


Age: 24
Get to know him: The PGA's new cover boy, originally from Colombia, has logged two second-place finishes in his rookie year.

Nickname: Spider-Man, in reference to his yoga-style contortions when sizing up putts.

Dash of flash: Of his colorful J. Lindeberg outfits, he says, "Golf has always been a traditional sport. Everybody dresses the same. I want to put some cool, different, funky ideas into the game."

Golf is like dating because ... "dating, golf, life—it's all about commitment."

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