Rescue Me!

updated 06/26/2006 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 06/26/2006 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Age: 25
Lives in: San Diego

Brave heart: As one of only 280 aviation survival technicians nationwide, Miramontez is routinely lowered by cable from a hovering helicopter into calamity. Last September he flew with two nurses and an incubator to Ensenada, Mexico, to pick up a premature baby born on a cruise ship. "We worked on the baby for the whole ride back to San Diego. It was amazing. The girl survived."

Romantic heart: Having recently become involved in his first serious relationship, Miramontez is pulling out all the stops. "I've set up a nice romantic dinner for my girlfriend. I surprised her. I snuck in early and got some flowers." And yes, he cooks. "I make a mean tortilla soup," he says.

Age: 23
Hometown: Omaha

All in a day's work: In the early-morning hours of Aug. 15, 2005, Specialist Harrer, who was stationed in Iraq, was riding in a convoy when two bombs exploded 100 feet ahead of them. He ran through the darkness to help the injured, the most critical of whom had a large piece of shrapnel in his neck. A few hours later he treated other wounded soldiers while under gunfire, and then still later that day saved a civilian girl, no older than 6, who'd been mistakenly shot by soldiers.

Open book: Though he's seen the worst, Harrer, who was awarded the Army Commendation for Valor, hasn't retreated inside himself. "I have a vibrant personality. Women don't want a closed-off guy. They want someone fun." And while he's up for a good time, that's not all he's after. "I'm not looking for a notch on my belt. I want someone who can be the other half of me."

Age: 39
Lives in: Las Vegas

Call to action: Sullivan, who started a successful fleet management company at 23 and later sold it for a large profit, was preparing to write a book on leadership when Katrina swept through his hometown of Baton Rouge. As soon as it was safe to go outside, he headed out to buy up everything he could to help the victims. What started with his own money and then donations from friends ("We fed 25,000 in the first 30 days") has grown into Corps of Compassion (, a nonprofit providing food, shelter and training to the displaced.

Needs a kindred spirit: Considering how quickly he helped those in need, it's no surprise he's looking for a giver. "A lot of people talk, but very few back it up," he says. He's even devised a test to make sure the next woman he dates is a doer. "On the second date, I'll take her to the warehouse to feed the kids," he jokes. "If she'll do that, then I know I have a winner."

Age: 43
Lives in: Danvers, Mass.

One of the big guns: In addition to his duties as a lawman in Peabody, Mass., patrolman Saia is one of only 35 officers on an elite SWAT team specifically trained to handle the most difficult calls, such as hostage situations and high-risk warrants.

Good-time guy: An adventurous man like Saia welcomes change, so he loves dating. Yet he's ready to settle down, "as long as she likes to try new things and is someone who will put up with some insanity. I like in-control women who can get out of control and have a little fun."

Age: 36
Lives in: Austin, Texas

Role model: For Tait, the job doesn't end with running into burning buildings. He is also a mentor in a pilot program that trains minority high school students to earn EMT and fire certification. "It's an opportunity to mentor when some young black males are at a critical point in their lives," he says.

Work hard, play hard: Even though he gives so much time over to the community, he still has many outside interests, including cooking (Reggie's chops are a firehouse favorite), travel (this year, it's Australia) and music. "We had a family gospel quartet growing up. My dad wrote the songs and played guitar. My older brother and I sang," says Tait, who also plays the drums. "I'm so into music. Live music especially, like smooth jazz concerts. I need a woman who can roll with me that way."

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