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"By the look in his eyes, you can see that Patrick Dempsey is madly in love with his family."
Mara Reilly
Enfield, Conn.

It was wonderful to see Patrick Dempsey with his two gorgeous baby boys on your cover. I've watched him grow as an actor from a geek in Can't Buy Me Love to the pizza delivery boy with extra anchovies in Loverboy to the doctor who melts everyone's heart. Congratulations to Patrick and his gorgeous wife.
Brooke Croft
Waverly, N.Y.

Look no more for your next Sexiest Man Alive. You found him!
Judy Perez
Salinas, Calif.

Patrick Dempsey's devotion as a father and husband makes him an excellent example of what makes a man truly desirable in today's world.
Cathy Anderson
via e-mail


Hearing-aid mogul Bill Austin truly is a hero. I have two nephews who are profoundly hearing-impaired. I know what a huge difference having hearing aids makes for them. I also know that the aids are extremely expensive and often are not covered by insurance. Mr. Austin is providing more than hearing aids to these children. He is giving them, and their parents, a miracle.
Meredith Adams
LaGrange, Ky.


My first reaction to your Bob Woodruff article was, "Wow, he looks every bit as handsome as he did before the attack." But after reading the story, I was touched by the remarkable love and amazing connection he and his wife, Lee, have. I am truly happy for Bob's incredible recovery. I hope to see him back on ABC soon.
Name Withheld
Florence, Mont.


Beautiful coverage and pictures of some of the prettiest gowns and ladies on Oscar night. One not pictured was Diane Keaton. She looked absolutely stunning.
Patricia K. Wilson
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I don't care how "McDreamy" Patrick Dempsey is. When I get my annual Oscar issue, I like to see Oscar winners in designer gowns on the cover. Did you not think Helen Mirren, Jennifer Hudson or Forest Whitaker would sell magazines?
Jennifer Havican
Franklin, Mass.


Why would anyone believe James Cameron's claim that Jesus was buried with his wife and son? Those of us who believe the biblical account of Jesus's death have seen many movies on similar subjects, and that's what they are, movies. I don't think Mr. Cameron's documentary will get us to change our minds, any more than The Da Vinci Code did. It does make for good entertainment, though.
Regina Mancuso
Lake Charles, La.

Readers responded strongly to our story about DePauw University's Delta Zeta sorority, which recently removed 23 members, most of whom felt they were targeted because they didn't fit the svelte, hip sorority image. "I am ashamed to be a Delta Zeta alumna. If this is the way DZ recruits, you can bet my daughter will have no part of DZ when she goes to college," writes Nicolette Fazio of Grand Blanc, Mich. "Some of my fondest college memories are of being with girls who accepted me for who I was, not what I looked like." On March 9 the university severed ties with Delta Zeta, saying its values did not match the school's. Others were generally critical of sorority life, even questioning those who were ousted. Writes Timina Stengel of Huntersville, N.C.: "I'll bet the very girls asked to leave spent their fair share of time casting judgments on others during rush weeks."

In our March 5 issue, we incorrectly reported that American Idol contestant Phil Stacey is an officer in the U.S. Navy. He is a petty officer third class. We regret the error.

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